Monday, 14 November 2011

Stories from my visit home

So this weekend i went home and spent time with my amazing wife. I was there for 4 days and 4 nights, and we fucked 7 times!!! we really missed sex and each other. I am a really luckily man to have found a wife like mine, she is truly incredible and loves sex as much as i do if not more...

Let me start with our fist day, i arrived home on Thursday afternoon, after my flight was delayed by half an hour, fucking airlines... once i landed and collected my luggage and quickly came out the terminal to find my wife waiting there for me in anticipation. She came running and jumped into my arms, we made out with serious passion with no care of who was watching - it was pretty intense and we both knew what the other was thinking.  So went quickly loaded the car with my luggage and rushed home. As we arrived we couldn't keep our hands off each other, we walked through the front door of the house and that was it, clothes came off and we started feeling each other, playing and tickling with each other. Before we got to the bed room she was down on her knees sucking and licking the hell out of my enormously hard cock. She literally couldn't get enough of it, she stroked it and played with it, Fuck, thinking about it is giving me an instant hard on. She then soaked my cock and placed it between her huge tits, and proceed to fuck me off with her tits while she licked my head!!! with ever movement of her tits my cock yearned to be deep in her pussy. I couldn't take it any longer so i picked her up and put her on the couch. I started to kiss and lick her all over, then came up to her tits and started licking and biting her nipples, all while she had my cock in her hand playing with her clit, getting her pussy and my cock all soaked. She then placed my cock and the entrance of her wet pussy, this is when i gave a huge thrust and planted my cock been inside her, she moaned as if she had never had my cock in her before, she loved the feeling and had missed it for 2 weeks - it was great!! I then flipped her around on the couch and entered her from behind, all while i teased and played with her ass - she loves the feeling of my finger just teasing her ass... i got her to cum all over my cock and once she have finished her 2nd orgasm i pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy and began to spank her ass with my soaked cock, she started to get off on this and i knew she was enjoying it!!!

Stayed tuned for more of this story... cheers

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

First Entry - BBM sex is great

So this is my first entry on my blog. This blog will give me a chance to share the amazing sex life that my wife and I share. 
At this point, i have been away from my wife for 2 weeks and will be seeing her tomorrow for the weekend. this is going to be one insanely great weekend filled with loads of fucking hot sex!!!! During these 2 weeks of being apart we started having hot BBM sex, not phone sex but BBM sex. We would chat and tell each other what we would like to do to each other while sending each other photos. She would send me photos of her incredibly wet pussy and i would send her photos of my fucking hard cock. One of the scenarios she told me was the following - "your hard fucking cock deep in my soaked pussy, getting all soaked and wet, then you would remove your cock and rub it against my asshole, then stick your head in my ass while tickling and playing with my clit." Fuck, when she sent this message to me i almost cam in my shorts, FUCK it was hot!!! 
So im really looking forward to this weekend with my wife, we are going to have in insanely awesome time. I will be posting and sharing my stories and what went on.

So this weekend is going to be one huge orgy and she can not wait to have her pussy filled with my hard cock!!!! looking forward to the weekend. 
I will shed all my stories of the weekend during the course of next week. this should be a very interesting weekend if our BBM sessions are anything to go by...